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Liars All (2013)

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by Robert

Liars All (2013)

Director: Brian Brightly
Author: Brian Brightly (screenplay)
Stars: Sara Paxton, Matt Lanter, Darin Brooks

Plot Summary From Movie Liars All (2013)
On New Year’s eve london, a provocative game spins unmanageable and finishes in murder, the particular killer elusive among conflicting testimony and hidden motives.

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Cast Movie From Liars All (2013)
Sara Paxton … Katie
Matt Lanter Matt Lanter … Mike
Darin Brooks Darin Brooks … Brax
Gillian Zinser Gillian Zinser … Missy
Randy Wayne Randy Wayne … Jack
Alice Evans Alice Evans … Sandra
Torrance Coombs Torrance Coombs … Dennis
Tim Phillipps Tim Phillipps … Billy
Tiffany Mulheron Tiffany Mulheron … Angie
Brian Mahoney Brian Mahoney … British Concierge
Claire Scott Claire Scott … Tania
Stephanie McIntosh Stephanie McIntosh … Casey Kass
Stephanie Simbari Stephanie Simbari … Kim
Michelle York Michelle York … Bar Patron
Charles McKnight Charles McKnight … Sean

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